Computer Science and Engineering

Business Informatics (BUNF) Major

Bachelor's Degree in Business Informatics (BUNF)

Note: Starting Fall 2008, the Information Systems (IS) major will be renamed to Business Informatics (BUNF).


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Here are some typical course plans for a BUNF Major at UCR.

Program objectives

The goal of the BS degree program in Business Informatics is to prepare graduates for professional practice in both the private and public sectors and for life-long learning, including the possible pursuit of graduate degrees by providing them with:

  • Background: The necessary technical competencies, including knowledge of scientific principles and skill at rigorous analysis and creative design.
  • Breadth: A broad education that includes knowledge of current issues and trends in society and technology.
  • Professionalism: Professional attitudes and ethics and skills for clear communication and responsible teamwork.
  • Learning environment: A learning environment that is rigorous, challenging, open, and supportive.

Major requirements

The major requirements for the BS in Business Informatics are as follows:

  1. Lower-division requirements (56 units)

    1. ENGR 001M
    2. BUS 020
    3. CS 010, or CS 010V CS 012 or CS 012V or CS 013, CS 014, CS 061
    4. CS 011/MATH 011
    5. ECON 002, ECON 003
    6. MATH 008B or MATH 009A, MATH 009B, MATH 009C, MATH 010A, and Math 031
  2. Upper-division requirements (93 units)

    1. ENGR 101M
    2. BUS 103, BUS 104/STAT 104, BUS 106/ECON 134
    3. CS 100, CS 141, CS 153, CS 165
    4. At least two courses from CS 164, CS 166, CS 172, CS 180
    5. CS 111/MATH 111
    6. ENGR 180W
    7. SOC 150
    8. STAT 155
    9. Sixteen (16) units of upper-division Computer Science technical electives, which must be distinct from the above major requirements. These 16 units may be chosen from those courses listed as upper-division requirements or technical electives for the Computer Science major. At least three courses must be in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
    10. Twenty-four (24) units of Business Administration technical electives, including at least 8 units of courses listed in the Information Systems concentration within the Business Administration major. These 24 units must be distinct from the above major requirements and may be chosen from any of the available Business Administration courses, with the following restrictions: no credit will be given for BUS 101, only one of BUS 171 and CS 180 can be taken for credit, only one of BUS 173 and CS 166 can be taken for credit, only one of BUS 175 and CS 164 can be taken for credit, and only one of BUS 125 and CS 177 can be taken for credit.

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