Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree

High-achieving students may participate in a program that allows them to earn a master’s degree in just one year. The program allows students to streamline the graduate application process and eliminate the need to take the GRE.

Requirements for applying to the Bachelor of Science + Master of Science Program

Freshmen & Sophomores

  • Cumulative GPA above 3.4
  • Cumulative GPA above 3.2 in all math, science & engineering courses


  • Cumulative GPA above 3.4
  • Cumulative GPA above 3.2 in all math, science and engineering courses
  • On track to complete the undergraduate degree in four years
  • Completion of core courses by the end of the 3rd year of enrollment
  • Minimum grade required in each core course is at least a B-
  • Minimum combined GPA for core courses is above 3.2

Interested? Request an interest form from the Office of Student Academic Affairs (Bourns A159). The deadline to submit an interest form is Friday of week 3 of the fall term of the academic year in which you plan to graduate. Evaluations occur on a rolling basis, but mostly throughout the summer and fall terms. Eligible students will be notified via email.

Students who were deemed ineligible and have corrected the issue may request, via email, to have their interest form re-evaluated. If you would like a second evaluation, please send an email with your full name, student ID number, and a request to have a second evaluation for the one year program to