Computer Science (CS) Minor


The minor in Computer Science is designed to enhance majors with limited computational theory or practice. As such, students with majors in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science with Business Applications, and Mathematics (Computational Mathematics option) are not eligible.

The catalog listing is available online.


CS Minor requirements

Requirements for the minor in Computer Science are:

  1. Prerequisite courses

    1. CS 010, CS 012, CS 014, CS 061
    2. CS 011/MATH 011
    3. MATH 008B or MATH 009A, MATH 009B, MATH 009C
  2. Core courses

    1. CS 111/MATH 111
    2. CS 141
  3. Three elective courses, each of four or more units, such that:

    1. Each is an upper-division requirement or a listed technical elective for the Computer Science major, excluding courses numbered 190-199
    2. No course may be an upper-division requirement of the student’s major
    3. At least two courses must be in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  • All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Any courses required for the minor may be taken on an S/NC basis only on approval of the Dean.
  • Students with a minor in Computer Science must obtain approval from the undergraduate advisor in Computer Science and Engineering for a specific program of electives consistent with their career goals. You can contact an advisor either by coming to A159 Bourns Hall in person, or you can call the Student Academic Affairs Office at (951) 827-3647.