Towards Efficient and Physically Secure Lattice Based Cryptography

Bourns A265

Francesco Regazzoni --- The security of cryptographic algorithms is based on hardness assumptions. They aim to ensure that an adversary cannot solve the underlying hard problem even with a vast amount of resources. Until recently, these assumptions mainly concentrated on the intractability of solution with respect to a classical computing paradigm. However, the aggressive pursuit of quantum technology has forced a fundamental rethink in the underlying problems upon which cryptosystems are built.  As a result, the cryptographic community is preparing for a major transition towards quantum safe alternatives. Several standardization bodies are in the process of evaluating and standardizing quantum safe (or post quantum) algorithms to replace traditional ones. Among the various classes of quantum-resistant cryptography schemes, lattice-based cryptography is emerging as one of the most viable options. Still, these constructions have to be studied in depth and their performance and side channel resistance have to be asserted.  This talk discusses the next steps in terms of practical deployment of lattice based cryptosystems, i.e., addressing their efficient and side channel resistant implementation. Attacks targeting the main components of lattice based algorithms will be presented together with the countermeasures proposed so far to mitigate them. The talk will conclude highlighting the main open challenges towards the practical adoption of lattice based algorithms.