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ICPC team advances to North American Division Championship
The UCR team, RGBMoon, will be one of nine teams advancing to the ICPC North American Division Championship.
CSE professor Chengyu Song received the NSF CAREER award
Professor Song received the NSF CAREER award for his work on "scalable of concolic execution."
UCR advances in first place in cyber defence competition
UCR team has advanced in regional cyber defence competition (WRCCDC) qualifier round as the first place!
CSE Team Created the Largest Malware Source Code Database
UC Riverside group (Darki, Rokon, Faloutsos, Islam and Papalexakis) have developed a tool called “SourceFinder” that pinpoints online malware source code repositories such as GitHub with 98% accuracy.
CSE team received Best Paper Award in IEEE HiPC 202
This paper led by PhD students Chengshuo Xu, Abbas Mazloumi, Xiaolin Jiang, and their advisor Prof. Rajiv Gupta has won one of the two Best Paper Awards at IEEE HiPC 2020.
Cyber@UCR moving on to national round of CPTC
The Cyber team at UCR competed in the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) and were announced as one of the wildcard winners moving on to the national competition.
CSE team awarded in the NIST Tech-to-protect challenge
Prof. K. K. Ramakrishnan (of our CSE Department at University of California, Riverside) and Dr. Jiachen Chen (WINLAB, Rutgers University) received awards in the NIST Tech-to-protect challenge.
CSE team won the Best Student Paper award at IEEE CloudNet
CSE Ph.D. Student Aditya Dhakal and Professor K. K. Ramakrishnan together with their collaborator Dr. Sameer Kulkarni (IIT Gandhinagar, until recently also at UCR as a post-doctoral fellow)
CSE team received Distinguished Paper Award in ACM CCS 2020
The paper led by PhD student Keyu Man, Zhongjie Wang, and their advisor Prof. Zhiyun Qian has won the one and only Distinguished Paper Award this year at ACM CCS.
CSE team received best demo award at ACM SIGSPATIAL
A demonstration paper by a recent PhD graduate Saheli Ghosh, PhD student Akil Sevim, and Prof. Ahmed Eldawy received best demo award at the ACM SIGSPATIAL conference.
Prof. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh inducted to Micro Hall of Fame
Prof. Abu-Ghazaleh's group had 3 papers accepted to IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (Micro) this year.
UC Riverside launches Data Science major
UCR has launched a new Data Science major, an intercollegiate partnership between the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Statistics.
CSE professors received a best paper honorable mention in SCA 2020
Professors Craig Schroeder and Tamar Shinar along with visiting student Yunxin Sun received best paper honorable mention at SCA for their work on graphics simulation.
UCR receives fund to grow women participation in computing
The University of California Riverside (UCR) is among four institutions to receive the 2020 NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund to increase the number of women in computing.
CSE Prof. Amr Magdy has received a new NSF award
Professor Amr Magdy has been awarded a new multi-institution NSF grant to explore new educational developments for geography curriculum incorporating geospatial technology.
UCR-spun company placed 2nd, advancing to World Cup Championship of Entrepreneurship
FarmSense, a company spun out of UCR by Dr. Keogh and Dr. Singh (a former Ph.D. Student of Dr. Krishnamurthy) won second place at the USA Cup Championship of Entrepreneurship.
CSE professors received NSF award on Big Graph Stores
Professor Rajiv Gupta, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Zhijia Zhao, Chengyu Song, Manu Sridharan received an award from the NSF in the program of Principles and Practice of Scalable Systems.
CSE professors received NSF award on simulations of fluids
Craig Schroeder and Tamar Shinar were awarded a grant from the NSF CISE Core program for simulating multiphase fluids, surface tension, and solid-fluid coupling.
CSE professor received NSF award on graph processing
Profesor Rajiv Gupta received an NSF award titled "SHF: Small: MIGS -- Efficiently Evaluating Multiple Iterative Graph Queries".
CSE professors awarded NSF collaborative grant
CSE professors, Ahmed Eldawy and Vassilis Tsotras, were awarded an NSF grant of $1.2 million in collaboration with Prof. Michael Carey from UCI.
CSE professors awarded NSF Formal Methods in the Field grant
Manu Sridharan and Philip Brisk from CSE and Prof. William H. Grover from Bioengineering awarded an interdisciplinary grant from the NSF Formal Methods in the Field on programmable microfluidic chips.
CSE professors won a $10 million collaborative USDA grant
As part of a larger team at UCR and collaborating institutions, CSE professor Vagelis Papalexakis and Ahmed Eldawy won a grant from USDA on developing AI for sustainable agriculture
CSE endorses the BCOE statement "We Stand in Solidarity"
Faculty, teachers, and staff of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering wholeheartedly endorse and support the BCOE statement ”We Stand in Solidarity”
CSE Prof. Manu Sridharan receives Google Faculty Research Award
Google has just announced that Prof. Manu Sridharan will receive a Faculty Research Award for 2019-2020 for his work on "Practical Pluggable Type Introduction".
CSE student’s paper is chosen for IEEE Micro Top Picks 2020
The work by Prof. Hung-Wei Tseng and his students has been selected for IEEE Micro's Top Picks from the 2020 Computer Architecture Conferences.
RoseHack (a women centric hackathon) held last month at UCR
The Women in Computing (WinC) and Society of Women Engineerings (SWE) held RoseHack, a 24-hour hackathon, on Jan. 18th - 19th, at UCR.
CSE Prof. Mohsen Lesani receives NSF CAREER award
Professor Lesani received the NSF CAREER award for his work on "Distributed System Synthesis on Certified Middleware".
CSE Prof. Jiasi Chen receives NSF CAREER award
Professor Chen received the NSF CAREER award https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1942700 for her work on "Networked Multi-User Augmented Reality for Mobile Devices".
Team from CSE and collaborators receive Best Paper Award
The team from CSE, PhD student Mohammad Jahanian, Professors K. K. Ramakrishnan and Amr Magdy, along with their collaborators from Japan received best paper award at ICT-DM
Best paper awarded to a CSE team at ACM Spatial Gems
A paper by Prof. Ahmed Eldawy and PhD candidate Tin Vu was selected as the best paper at the ACM Spatial Gems Workshop 2019 in Chicago.
CSE students and professors selected as finalists for best paper award in ACM Sensys 2019
CSE PhD students Kittipat Apicharttrisorn, Xukan Ran, working with CSE Professors Jiasi Chen and Srikanth Krishnamurthy, and Prof. Amit Roy-Chowdhury (ECE), were finalists for the best paper award in ACM Sensys 2019
UCR underg team wins national GEICO hackathon competition
The UCR team -- Aditya Acharya, Eric Ong, John Shin, and William Shiao -- won the grand prize of $3400 or $850 per team member.
CSE student and Professor's work selected among best papers in ACM SIGSPATIAL 2019
CSE student Abdulaziz and Prof. Magdy's paper is selected among best papers in ACM SIGSPATIAL 2019
CSE student and professor receive best student paper award
CSE PhD student Mohammad Jahanian and Prof. K. K. Ramakrishnan received the best student paper award in the 6th ACM conference on Information Centric Networking
CSE Student Yu-Ching Hu Received Best Paper Honorable Mention Award in MICRO 2019
PhD Student Yu-Ching Hu, working with Prof. Hung-Wei Tseng (cooperating faculty of CSE), received Best Paper Honorable Mention Award in the 52nd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
CSE student Weiteng Chen received Applied Networking Research Prize
CSE PhD student Weiteng Chen, working with Prof. Zhiyun Qian, received the Applied Networking Research Prize from Internet Research Task Force for his work on the inherent design flaw of Wi-Fi networks.
CSE Prof. Yin, Prof. Song and their students received best paper award
PhD Students Jinghan Wang, Yue Duan (now a postdoc at Cornell) and Wei Song working with Prof. Heng Yin and Prof. Chengyu Song received the best paper award of RAID 2019.
NSF awards $2 Million to renew support of AsterixDB
Vassilis Tsotras and Ahmed Eldawy, professors of computer science and engineering will receive $860,000 as a part of a $2 Million grant from NSF to enrich AsterixDB in collaboration with UCI.
CSE Prof. Amr Magdy has received NSF CRII award
Professor Amr Magdy has been awarded a new NSF grant to explore "Scalable Noise-filtering and Community Queries on User-generated Data".
1.2 Million NSF award for Efficient Collaborative Perception
CSE professors as part of a UCR team have been awarded a new 1.2 million NSF grant on "Efficient Collaborative Perception over Controllable Agent Networks"
CSE's paper recognized as a SIGPLAN Research Highlight
CSE students and professors's work in OOPSLA 2018 is recognized as a SIGPLAN Research Highlight: BioScript: Programming Safe Chemistry on Laboratories-on-a-chip
CSE's CS4ALL Summer Code Camp for High School Students
The CSE department hosted local high school students for the 3rd annual CS4ALL Code Camp.
CSE Prof. Eldawy's group releases UCR STAR
CSE Professor Ahmed Eldawy and his group released UCR STAR, the UCR Spatio-Temporal Active Repository.
CSE student and prof received best poster award @ ICDIS 2019
CSE graduate student Uday Singh Saini and CSE professor Vagelis Papalexakis receive the best poster award at the 2019 International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security.
CSE Prof. Stefano Lonardi's team sequenced the toughest pea
CSE Professor Stefano Lonardi and his graduate students sequenced and assembled the genome of the world's toughest bean
CSE professor Zhiyun Qian interviewed for cryptojacking
CSE professor Zhiyun Qian interviewed for the latest cryotojacking threat (by Barracuda MSP).
UC Riverside students analyzed county’s homeless survey data
The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services received some welcome help from UC Riverside with the 2019 point-in-time, or PIT, count of homeless residents.
Two CS students awarded to attend Grace Hopper Celebration
Ph.D. students Hoda Naghibijouybari, Shaghayegh Gharghabi, and undergraduate student Katherine Legaspi have been awarded the scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) 2019.
BCOE undergrads perform data analytics for Riverside County
BCOE undergraduates take charge of Riverside County PIT Count data analytics
CSE professor mentioned in the news
Assistant Professor Vagelis Papalexakis was mentioned in The Guardian regarding the false information provided YouTube due to inaccurate machine learning results
CSE Prof. Eamonn Keogh won his 2nd Google Faculty Award
Google has just announced that Dr. Eamonn Keogh will be awarded a Faculty Research Award for 2019.
CSE student's paper reports vulnerabilities in DNS; interviewed on major Arabic TV stations
CSE PhD student Fatemah Alharbi was interviewed by major TV Arabic stations including Alarabiya after discovering a vulnerability in DNS working with Prof's Zhiyun Qian and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh.
Prof. Papalexakis featured at the NVIDIA AI podcast
Prof. Papalexakis featured at the NVIDIA AI podcast
CSE hires a new faculty in software engineering
Professor Sridharan received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007. His dissertation focused on refinement-based program analysis tools.
New attacks on graphics processors discovered by UCR researchers
Computer scientists at the University of California, Riverside have revealed for the first time how easily attackers can use a computer’s graphics processing unit, or GPUs.
BioScript: Safe programming on Laboratories-on-a-Chip awarded distinguished paper award!
Ph.D. students Jason Ott and Tyson Loveless, working with Chris Curtis, Dr. Mohsen Lesani, and Dr. Philip Brisk have developed a new programming language