The chapter activities this year focused on preparing members with the technical and professional skills. The chapter hosted over 30 technical workshops with participation from members, alumni, and invited industry professionals. The chapter also created events to connect members with companies such as Google, Facebook and Esri for future opportunities. As the year wraps up, the chapter is celebrating what its members will be doing during the summer from internships, traveling, and research.

About ACM

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a professional student-ran organization dedicated to helping students gain the professional and technical experience needed to succeed in their field. The 2017-2018 academic year was broken up into different focuses per quarter. Fall quarter focused on professional development, winter quarter focused on technical development, and spring quarter focused on personal development.

Fall Quarter Highlights

  • ACM Room (Chung 127) whiteboard walls completed
  • ACM-W (Women in Computing) chapter established
  • Incubator started to fund student-led projects
  • The Kyle Minshall Service Award established to recognize graduating members on their accomplishments
  • Started the Member of the Month program to recognize club members
  • Hosted Google for interviewing workshops and on-campus recruiting
  • Hosted a LinkedIn workshop with a LinkedIn software engineer
  • Co-hosted Cutie Hack 2017
  • Started the Mentor and Mentee program to help freshmen and transfer students transition into UCR and learn more about fields that they’re interested in
  • Hosted the first Local Hack Day at UCR which ended with 8 student projects completed in 10 hours
  • Started the Office Hours program where students can self host office hours to help other students from course work to projects

Winter Quarter Highlights

  • Introduced the “A Practical Introduction to the Python Programming Language” R’Course to introduce students outside of engineering to programming
  • Hosted technical workshops
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Introduction to Data Science
      • Introduction to Numerical Method Libraries
      • Introduction to Tensorflow
    • Introduction to Security and System Administration
      • Introduction to Penetration Testing
      • Introduction to Binary Analysis
    • Introduction to Web Development
      • HTML and CSS: The skeleton of the Web
      • Get Webby with JavaScript
    • Introduction to UI/UX
    • Introduction to Dual Booting
  • Visited Esri’s campus
  • Won the BCOE T-Shirt competition
  • Obtained an Apple Developer license to allow members to publish their apps for free

Spring Quarter Highlights

  • Co-hosted Citrus Hack 2018
  • Visited the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Co-hosted the first Beyond Conference
  • Hosted workshops:
    • Modern C++ with Dr. Shelton
    • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Introduction to App Development
      • Android
      • iOS
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Advanced Web Development
      • Introduction to React
      • Introduction to React Native
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Introduction to Server Deployment

Send Off

As the academic year comes to a close, ACM is wrapping up its activities to prepare its members for the summer and for the next academic year. Through club involvement, many members will be interning at companies or doing research at labs. Check out the awesome things members will be doing below.

Per row: Aaroh Mankad, Karen Kong, Emma Rivera, Spyro Catechis, Agustin Balquin, Alex Madera

Kennen DeRenard, Jerry Jiang, Andre Castro, Calvin Ta, Amanda Cao

Patrick Tumbucon, Elijah Cain, Carmina de los Santos, Mario Salazar

Daniel Stinson-Diess, Cameron Morin, Andrew Lvovsky, Brittney Mun

Patrick Le, William Shiao, Cindy Quach, John Pham


See you next year!
The ACM Board
Winston Chung Hall 127