The CSE department is primarily located in Winston Chung Hall. Our fiber backbone network hosts both teaching and research laboratories supported by the Department’s Systems Operations Group, which supports student and faculty research missions with critical knowledge and materials support. The Department maintains Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, and virtualized systems and services. Low latency and high bandwidth availability through redundant connections to internet core backbones provide our students and faculty with uninterrupted access to leading technology.

The Department maintains seven centrally managed instructional labs equipped with personal computers. Lab hardware upgrades are done on a regular basis. Lab PCs run CentOS Linux as their base operating system. Windows access is provided by use of terminal server clients that access the Department’s bank of Windows Terminal Servers. VMWare, OpenVZ, and User Mode Linux are used in upper-division classes such as Operating Systems and UNIX System Administration, where students use them while doing kernel programming projects.

Labs are connected to the Department’s ten gigabit speed network backbone by fully routed Gigabit Ethernet connections. High bandwidth availability allows for a range of network experiments. CSE students, faculty, and staff have access to the Department’s centrally managed email (including web, email, and secure IMAP) and file service, and are provided with individual web pages. Remote access from home or while travelling is provided via SSH access to Linux compute servers and Windows Terminal servers.