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Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of California, Riverside!

Fostering groundbreaking research and producing graduates who are in demand, our department has established itself as a leader in the field of computer science and engineering. In recognition of the quality of our research and educational opportunities, the department has been highly ranked by the National Review Council, the Princeton Review, and U.S. News & World Report. Read More...

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In the News

CSE brings in $10 million in new funding.

CSE researchers secured over $10 million in new funding for the year 2013-14 and beyond. Noteworthy among the new grants are a project by Srikanth Krishnamurthy (PI), Harsha Madhyastha (Co-PI) and Iulian Neamtiu (Co-PI) from Army Research Lab (ARL), on a Collaborative Research Alliance on Cyber Security for $3.7 million for the first 5 years with renewal potential for the next 5 years, a project by Stefano Lonardi (PI) and K. Le Roch(Co-PI) from NSF on Algorithms and Software Tools for Epigenetic Research for $994,370 for 3 years and another project by Christian Shelton (PI) from DARPA on Inference for Continuous-Time Probabilistic Programming for $706,000 for 4 years. For more listing on recent projects, see here.

CSE Student Taeyoung Kim Receives ACM SIGDA Ph.D. Forum Award

Ph.D. student Taeyoung Kim received the ACM SIGDA Ph.D. forum award from the 52nd Design Automation Conference (DAC 2015). The Ph.D. Forum at the Design Automation Conference is a poster session hosted by ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA). It has become the premier forum for Ph.D. students in Electronic Design Automation to present and discuss their dissertation research. Taeyoung also received the Richard Newton Young Fellow Award from DAC 2014, and the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) award from ICCAD 2014. Taeyoung Kim works in the VLSI System and Computation Lab (VSCLab) directed by Prof. Sheldon Tan of the ECE department.

Taeyoung Kim

CSE Faculty Neamtiu and Vahid receive Google gifts

CSE faculty Iulian Neamtiu and Frank Vahid have received Google gifts as a part of Google’s growing efforts to support excellent research in academia. Neamtiu’s gift of over $46K will support research into “A Static Analysis for Finding Data Loss and Resume/Restart Errors in Android Apps”. Vahid’s gift of over $61K will support research in the area of “Why Interactive Online Material Works”.


CSE graduate students, visiting student and alumnus team up to win the "Best Paper" award

CSE graduate students Masruba Tasnim and Ei-Wen Yang, former graduate student Wei Li and visiting student Shining Ma have recently won the (only) best paper award at the 13th Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC) held in Jan., 2015. The award winning paper is entitled "Accurate inference of isoforms from multiple sample RNA-Seq data" and coauthored with their advisor Professor Tao Jiang. Wei Li is currently a postdoc at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard School of Public Health and Shining Ma a Ph.D student at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

CSE hires three new faculty

We are proud to add three new faculty to CSE this year: Zhiyun Qian, K.K. Ramakrishnan, and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (Left to right in photo). Assistant Professor Qian's areas of interest span cyber-security, mobile computing and network systems including TCP/IP security, cellular networks security, and security of firewalls. Full Professor Ramakrishnan does research in computer network architecture protocols and systems as well as virtualization and cloud computing and information centric networks. Full Professor Abu-Ghazaleh joins both CSE and ECE with interest in computer architecture support for security, wireless, and sensor networks, and parallel computing.


CSE faculty Eamonn Keogh research leader in data mining

CSE faculty Eamonn Keogh was listed in the 6th place of "Top Research Leaders in Data Mining" by Microsoft Academic Search and kdnuggets.com. (Find the report here: here Dr Keogh is the only professor from a UC campus to make the top ten, although Padhraic Smyth of UC-Irvine appeared in eleventh place. And Keogh points out that his ranking is all that more impressive given how much younger he is relative to the top five. Way to go Eamonn, we're proud of you and your age!


CSE faculty Shelton lands solo DARPA grant

Christian Shelton was awarded a $700K DARPA grant as part of the agency’s Probabilistic Programming for Advanced Machine Learning (PPAML) program for his project, “Inference for Continuous-Time Probabilistic Programming.” The project is developing automatic inference engines to be employed in probabilistic programming languages, computer languages in which statistical processes can be described and reasoned with and in which the compiler automatically generates the necessary statistical reasoning code. The aim is to allow non-experts to model continuous-time processes efficiently and quickly.

Pazzani wins Classic Paper Award

CSE faculty Michael Pazzani won the 2014 AAAI Classic Paper Award for his 1996 paper demonstrating how a user’s interests and web browsing behavior could be identified by a machine learning algorithm. Co-authored with Daniel Billsus and Jack Muramatsu, the paper was the first at the AAAI conferences to explore the now-ubiquitous feature of content-based personalization.


CSE Best Paper on online education

CSE faculty Frank Vahid and Ph.D. student Alex Edgcomb authored a paper that received a best paper award at the main annual conference for American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 2014. The paper showed that students using their web-native interactive zyBook achieve better learning outcomes than when using the best-selling textbook in online form, with especially-large gains by the initially-weaker students. Students also voluntarily spent twice as much time engaged with the material and reported higher engagement levels. Read the paper here 

CSE lands another NSF Fellowship. Congrats Nick!

CSE Ph.D. student, Nick Nobles, was awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. He is co-advised between Drs. Shinar and Zordan. The goal of the research is to determine shape and motion for optimal nanoswimmers through the use of physically-based simulation and an optimization process. Simulated findings can be used to guide the development of real-world nanoswimmers which have great potential in medical applications, targeting diagnosis and treating of maladies.


CSE faculty Brisk receives NSF CAREER award

CSE assistant professor Philip Brisk has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER grant for his research to create design automation software for laboratories-on-a-chip. The nearly $500K grant will help Brisk and his research team design and implement computer software that automatically converts biological applications into physical device layouts that can be fabricated. Successful completion of this project will enhance productivity and lower the barrier-to-entry for new users.

CSE start-up gets aquired!

StopTheHacker, an anti-malware company founded by CSE Ph.D graduate, Anirban Banerjee and adjunct CSE Faculty Michalis Faloutsos has been bought by CloudFlare, the web performance and security company who protects more than 1.5 million web sites and sees five percent of Internet traffic worldwide. StopTheHacker was co-founded by Banerjee shortly after he received his Ph.D. in 2008. Financial details of the acquisition are not being disclosed.


UCR graduate student wins 100K Gates Grand Challenge

CSE's Yanping Chen will develop an inexpensive and robust sensor to directly measure the real-time density of insect vectors that transmit parasitic diseases to help plan intervention and treatment programs. Preliminary results indicate that insects can be classified based on the frequency of their wingbeats, which also varies depending on the time of day. Chen will develop an accurate detection system by investigating combining wingbeat frequency with circadian rhythms and other behaviors. 

UCR alum wins Samsung GOLD!

Congratulations to Jilong Kuang (PhD 2011; Advisor: Prof. Laxmi Bhuyan) for winning the Gold Medal in the software research field at the Samsung Best Paper Award 2013. His paper "Absolute Zero-Copy Web-Object Cache Design for High-Performance Cloud Deployments", co-authored by Daniel G. Waddington and Juan A. Colmenares, was selected as the Best Paper in the software field among about 350 submissions from all Samsung branches, and it is one of the 9 Gold-Medal winners out of over 1,700 submissions in different technical fields.


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