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Welcome to Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of California, Riverside!

Fostering groundbreaking research and producing graduates who are in demand, our department has established itself as a leader in the field of computer science and engineering. In recognition of the quality of our research and educational opportunities, the department has been highly ranked by the National Review Council, the Princeton Review, and U.S. News & World Report. Read More...

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In the News

Papalexakis award at KDD

Prof. Papalexakis wins ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award Distinction

August, 2017
Prof. Vagelis Papalexakis was awarded the runner-up distinction for the prestigious 2017 SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation award. ACM SIGKDD is the flagship venue for data mining and SIGKDD dissertation awards recognize outstanding work done by graduate students in the areas of data science, machine learning and data mining. Vagelis’ dissertation, titled ‘Mining Large Multi-aspect Data: Algorithms and Applications‘ bridged signal- and tensor-analysis, with data mining at scale, and illustrated the power of the resulting methods in several, real-world applications (Neuroscience, social networks, knowledge on the web). The winners and runners-up were officially announced and recognized at KDD 2017 in Halifax, and they presented their work at a special session on Tuesday, August 15 2017.
Keval, Panruo and Israat

Three from UCR land tenure track faculty positions!

July, 2017
Two UCR recent PhD graduates (Keval Vora and Panruo Wu) and post-doc Israat Tanzeena Haque accepted tenure track Assistant Professor positions this year. Keval (advisor, Rajiv Gupta) will be joining the CS department at Simon Fraser University; Panruo (advisor Zizhong Chen) will be joining the CS department at the University of Houston; and Israat (advisor, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh) will be joining the CS Department at Dalhousie University. Congratulations!
Magdy and Richelson

Two new faculty join CSE!

June, 2017
Two new faculty will be joining the department starting in July. Amr Magdy (left) completed his PhD degree from the University of Minnesota in the area of big data computing systems, with specialization in spatial databases. Silas Richelson (right) completed his PhD from UCLA and is currently a Post-doctoral researcher with joint appointment at MIT and Boston University. His area of research is applied cryptography. Welcome Silas and Amr!
Rachid Ounit

Recent CSE PhD alumnus' company featured in the news

May, 2017
Rachid Ounit (CSE PhD 2017) is the CTO of a startup Biota that was recently featured on GenomeWeb. Biota is aiming to help hospitals cut down on infections by providing them with a DNA sequencing-based microbial surveillance service and targeted interventions. Biota leverages proprietary metagenomics analysis software based on Rachid's PhD work which was completed under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Lonardi.
Stefano Lonardi

UCR Researchers part of a team that sequences the Barley Genome

April, 2017
University of California, Riverside researchers are among a group of 77 scientists worldwide who have sequenced the complete genome of barley, a key ingredient in beer and single malt Scotch. The research, 10 years in the making, is the cover article of the journal Nature. The sequencing and assembly was a daunting task, as the barley genome is almost twice the size of the human genome, with a number of characteristics that complicate sequencing. Prof. Stefano Lonardi and Dr. Rachid Ounit from Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof. Tim Close, Dr. María Muñoz‐Amatriaín, Steve Wanamaker from Botany and Plant Sciences developed novel algorithmic strategies to assemble the gene bearing portion of the barley genome.
Zhiyun Qian

Qian receives a National Science Foundation CAREER award

March, 2017
Prof. Zhiyun Qian received a Faculty Early Career (CAREER) grant from the National Science Foundation to fund his proposal titled: "CAREER: Empowering Attacker-Centric Security Analysis of Network Protocols." The highly competitive NSF CAREER grants are described by NSF as: "the most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization". Congratulations, Zhiyun!
Yan Zhu

UCR CS grad student Yan Zhu is featured in an ongoing TV-ad campaign for Microsoft Research (MSR)

January, 2017
Yan was recruited to intern at MSR in 2016, because of her unique expertise in using machine learning to classify insects. The one minute spot is available on youtube. Yan’s work has been reported in several entomological conferences, and in an upcoming submission to Nature Robotics. Yan is a member of Keogh’s Lab.
Ahmed Darki

UCR PhD student wins best student work award at CoNext 2016 student workshop!

January, 2017
UCR’s Ahmad Darki, Prof. Qian and Prof. Faloutsos have been awarded the Best Student Work award at the 12th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT 16) Student Workshop. The paper is titled: “Don't Trust Your Router: Detecting Compromised Routers.” The paper is joint work with colleagues from Drexel University. The work is sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Zhiyun Qian

Prof. Qian's commentary featured in an article on identity theft

December, 2016
Prof. Zhiyun Qian provided expert commentary as part of a recent article by wallethub on identity theft. The article ranks states based on frequency of identity thefts and the State's related policies (California is ranked second worst!). Zhiyun provides advice about how to guard against identity theft, and commentary on whether social networks contribute to these crimes.
Stefano Lonardi

Lonardi recognized as an ACM Distinguished Scientist

November, 2016
Prof. Stefano Lonardi is part of the 2016 ACM Distinguished member class; less than 50 ACM members were elected. A list of previous awardees can be found here. Congratulations, Stefano!
Israat Haque

Best paper award at ICNP

November, 2016
Congratulations to UCR's Israat Tanzeena Haque (post-doc CSE), and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh for receiving the best paper award at the 24th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), one of the premier conferences in computer networks. The paper, titled "CTCV: A Protocol for Coordinated Transport of Correlated Videos in Smart Camera Networks," is co-authored with Vinay Kolar and Vikram Munishwar from Cisco.
Nael Abu-Ghazaleh

Hardware vulnerability used to bypass operating system defense

October, 2016
UCR's Nael Abu-Ghazaleh with collaborators Dmitry Ponomarev and Dmitry Evtyushkin from Binghamton University developed a new attack that enables hackers to bypass an important Operating System defense called ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization). The attack targets a unit in modern processors called the branch predictor to expose the location of branches in the kernel, allowing the attackers to derive their ASLR offset. The attack, presented in a paper in the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (Micro), was reported on by a number of technical news outlets including Yahoo! Finance, Ars Technica, Computer World and PC World.
Michael Yeh

CSE PhD student wins two international competitions

September, 2016
Congratulations to CSE PhD student, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, who won both tasks of the AALTD’16 Time Series Classification Contest and 2nd ECML/PKDD Workshop on Advanced Analytics and Learning on Temporal Data. Participants were challenged to classify multivariate time series data representing isolated gestures captured with a Kinect system by different users. Michael will travel to Riva del Garda in Italy to give a talk explaining his approach. It is shaping up to be a good year for Michael, who got three papers published in the highly competitive IEEE ICDM, two as a first author. Michael is a second year Phd student in Dr. Keogh's lab.
Keogh and Shelton

New $3 million NSF Research Traineeship award in Computational Entomology

September, 2016
Congratulations to Prof. Keogh and Shelton, and their colleagues in CNAS for winning a NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) award for $3 million dollars. This award will enable a team of investigators from Computer Science/Engineering and Entomology/Life Sciences to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers to exploit the unreasonable effectiveness of data to understand insects by integrating the disciplines of computer science and entomological biology. The award anticipates training at least forty MS and PhD students, including twenty funded PhD trainees, through the various elements of the program, including classes, workshops and seminars.
Prof. Eamonn Keogh

Prof. Keogh publishes 30th paper in ICDM!

September, 2016
Congratulations to Dr. Eamonn Keogh who got his 30th paper accepted to IEEE ICDM! Only two other individuals have achieved this landmark (Philip S. Yu, Jiawei Han). The conference is very competitive, this year’s acceptance rate for full papers was just 8.5%.
UCR Security team

Dangerous Internet vulnerability discovered by UCR team leads to Linux patch

September, 2016
Prof. Zhiyun Qian and Prof. Srikanth Krishnamurthy's group received news coverage from Ars Technica, ZDNews, Slashdot, and several other news outlets. The group discovered a serious Internet vulnerability that allows attackers to terminate connections between virtually any two parties and, if the connections are not encrypted, inject malicious code or content into the communication. The vulnerability is present on all Linux hosts since late 2012. The group has notified the Linux security team and patches are already out. The paper detailing the vulnerability appeared in the Usenix Security Symposium this year, and was a finalist for the Internet Defense Prize.
Rachid Ounit

Computing the microbiome: Faster and more accurate approaches developed at the CSE Department

September, 2016
A new bioinformatic tool for metagenomic analysis designed and developed by Rachid Ounit (CSE Ph.D candidate) has been featured in GenomeWeb, a leading online media that tracks innovations in genomics, genetics and bioinformatics. An article with more details on the new ultrafast sequence classification CLARK-S are published in Bioinformatics. Prof. Lonardi co-authored the manuscript.
UCR Security team

UCR team wins third place and "most creative idea" at GeekPwn

June, 2016
A CSE team consisting of Yue Cao, Zhongjie Wang, Tuan Dao and Professors Zhiyun Qian and Srikanth Krishnamurthy won the third prize in the popular and highly competitive hacking competition GeekPwn, in Macau, China. Their attack, which also won the most creative idea prize at the competition, was reported in popular news. The extremely dangerous attack allows an attacker to hijack TCP connections belonging to any machine provided they know the IP address for it.

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