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Research Labs

Research in Algorithms and Computational Biology and Architecture and Embedded Systems is supported by an SGI Altix 4700 supercomputer with 64 Itanium processors and a RASC blade containing Xilinx FPGA for offloading computation.

  • Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
    The Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab is interested in all aspects of the design and analysis of combinatorial algorithms. Ongoing research includes approximation algorithms, on-line algorithms, computational geometry, graph drawing, information retrieval, average-case analysis of algorithms, and computational complexity. We are especially interested in algorithmic problems arising from computational molecular biology, such as (multiple) sequence alignment, reconstruction of evolutionary trees, physical mapping, DNA microarray analysis, and genome-level gene dynamics.
  • Computer Architecture and Embedded System group (CARES)
    The Computer Architecture and Embedded System group (CARES) at UC Riverside has faculty members from both the Computer Science and Engineering Department and the Electrical Engineering Department. We conduct active research in the areas of system architecture, microarchitecture, embedded systems, compilers, reconfigurable computing, and CAD for VLSI integrated circuits. The CARES group receives substantial external funds and produces quality publications in top conferences and journals every year.
  • Database Lab
    The Database Lab has several ongoing projects in the area of databases, including evolving databases, temporal databases, and spatiotemporal databases.
  • Logic and Stochastic Verification Lab
    The Logic and Stochastic Verification Lab explores explicit and symbolic (i.e., implicit) data structures and algorithms for the analysis of the temporal logic and probabilistic timing behavior of large and complex discrete-state systems.
  • Networks and Communications Lab
    The Networks and Communications Lab works on a large spectrum of issues spanning Internet technology, mobile computing, and sensor networks. Topics investigated include: secure and robust routing, Internet measurements, BGP routing analysis and modeling, P2P network measurements, and intrusion detection.
  • Riverside Graphics Lab (RGL)
    The Riverside Graphics Lab facilitates leading-edge research in the areas of graphics, animation, and media. Current topics focus on physically based modeling and human animation based on motion examples.
  • Riverside Lab for Artificial Intelligence Research
    Our research interests range from dynamic systems to machine learning to machine vision. If it involves adaptation, we're interested.
  • RIverside Programming Languages and software Engineering lab (RIPLE)
    The RIPLE group conducts research in a broad range of topics in the areas of programming languages and software engineering: compilation and optimization for multi-core CPUs, fault localization using dynamic analysis, logic and stochastic verification, dynamic software updating, and understanding software evolution.
  • SPRUCe: SmartPhone Research at UCr
    The SPRUCe group conducts research in virtually all aspects of smartphone analysis, from energy consumption and network traffic, to app analysis (static, dynamic), to testing and verification, to user and empirical studies, to protecting privacy on social networks and optimizing the interaction between apps and the cloud.

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