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CSE Professor Received SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Contributions
Prof. K.K. Ramakrishnan is the recipient of the SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Contributions in 2024. The award is given to Prof. Ramakrishnan's "for pioneering, sustained contributions in the research, design and standardization of network congestion control and avoidance protocols, virtual private networks, operating systems support for networking, and carrier-grade voice over IP."
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CSE Students Awarded the Laxmi Bhuyan Fellowship
In recognition of Professor Laxmi N. Bhuyan's distinguished and prolific career, the Laxmi N. Bhuyan Endowed Fellowship has been established by his students, colleagues, friends, and family. This prestigious fellowship aims to honor and reward the top PhD students in the Computer Science and Engineering Department for their research achievements. This year, the fellowship has been awarded to two outstanding students: Xiaojun Dong, advised by Yan Gu and Yihan Sun, and Yu Hao, advised by Zhiyun Qian.
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CSE Professors Received the Google Research Scholar Award
Yan Gu and Yihan Sun received 2024 Google Research Scholar Awards, which support early career professors pursuing research in fields relevant to Google. The program provides unrestricted gifts to support research at institutions around the world, and is focused on funding world-class research conducted by early-career professors. The award-winning project by Yan and Yihan, titled "Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Graph Mining", aims to design efficient solutions for processing various tasks on real-world graphs.
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CSE Student Awarded an Honorable Mention for the Jane Street Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF)
This fellowship supports outstanding doctoral students pursuing PhDs in computer science, mathematics, physics, or statistics. Out of over 800 global applicants, only 40 students were selected and invited to New York City for the award ceremony. Xiaojun Dong from our department was among the distinguished invitees.
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CSE Student Won Distinguished Teaching Award
Lisa Chen has received the campus-wide Distinguished Teaching Award, for her consistently superior classroom performance as a teaching assistant.
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CSE Professor Mingxun Wang combine Chemistry and Computer Science to discover new molecules produced by the human gut microbiome
Professor Mingxun Wang, in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team from UCSD, published a new paper in Nature titled "Reverse metabolomics for the discovery of chemical structures from humans". This highly interdisciplinary work combines innovations from combinatorial chemistry, mass spectrometry, and big data mining to explore new molecular space. This work sets the stage for future work to understand how these molecules can regulate health and disease.
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