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fast computer processing
Method identified to double computer processing speeds
UCR computer scientists identify method identified to double computer processing speed using existing hardware
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CSE Professor Amr Magdy and His Students Win Runner-Up for Best Paper Award in ACM SIGSPATIAL 2023
CSE professor Amr Magdy and his CSE students Yongyi Liu and Yunfan Kang won the runner-up for the Best Paper Award at the ACM Conference on Spatial Data (ACM SIGSPATIAL) 2023.
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CSE Professor Amr Magd
CSE Professor Amr Magdy wins a Microsoft research award
CSE professor Amr Magdy wins a Microsoft research award to support his research on enabling machine-learning-based spatial data analysis on edge devices.
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CSE Professor Trent Jaeger Named ACM Fellow
Trent Jaeger was named an ACM Fellow for his contributions to research and education for operating systems and software security.
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Professor Elaheh Sadredini
CSE Professor Elaheh Sadredini has received the NSF CAREER award to support her research on new computing architecture
Elaheh's proposal titled "Enabling Memory-Centric Computing from Internet of Things to Cloud" facilitates the paradigm shift from compute-centric systems to memory-centric systems and seamlessly and securely integrates them into today's modern systems.
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Computer haking
UCR outs security flaw in AI query models
UC Riverside computer scientists have identified a security flaw in vision language artificial intelligence (AI) models that can allow bad actors to use AI for nefarious purposes, such as obtaining instructions on how to make bomb. 
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