Financial Support

Multi-year funding opportunities are available to qualified Ph.D. applicants. The Computer Science and Engineering Department together with the Graduate Division offers fellowship packages that may include stipends, partial or full payment of fees and tuition, and employment as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and/or Teaching Assistant (TA). Fellowship packages can provide funding from one to five years with the possibility of extension. Extension is dependent on the student's performance and PI's grant fund availability.

Other awards are also available exclusively to U.S. citizens and permanent resident Ph.D. applicants.

  • ECRA – merit-based award. Individuals from cultural, racial, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in graduate education are especially encouraged to participate in the program. Completion of the Supplemental Fellowship Form available in the online application is required.
  • GAANN – need-based award, completion and submission of FAFSA is required to be considered for this award.

Fellowship and awards are generally not available to Master of Science (M.S.) applicants.

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