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2023-2024 Graduate Course Offerings

Below is a list of graduate courses currently scheduled to be offered starting in Fall 2022. Please refer to the UCR General Catalog for course descriptions. Course offerings from previous years can be viewed in our Archive.

Only approved undergraduate technical elective courses are applicable to your degree.
Note: Course offerings, available sections and professor assignments are subject to change without notice.

Course Course Title Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024
CS 201 Compiler Construction

Rajiv Gupta

Zhijia Zhao

CS 202 Advanced Operating Systems

Cong Liu (ECE Faculty)

Hyoseung Kim (ECE Faculty)

Cong Liu (ECE Faculty)

CS 203 Advanced Computer Architecture

Hung-Wei Tseng (ECE Faculty)


Hung-Wei Tseng (ECE Faculty)

CS 204 Advanced Computer Networks Zhaowei Tan    
CS 205 Artificial Intelligence

Paea LePendu

Paea LePendu

Eamonn Keogh

CS 206 Advanced Software Testing and Analysis


Manu Sridharan


CS 210 Scientific Computing

Craig Schroeder



CS 211 High Performance Computing

Zizhong Chen



CS 213 Multiprocessor Architecture and Programming




CS 214 Parallel Algorithms

Yihan Sun



CS 215 Theory of Computation


Marek Chrobak


CS 216 Cryptography




CS/EE 217 GPU Architecture and Parallel Programming

Daniel Wong (ECE Faculty)



CS 218 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Amey Bhangale

Yan Gu

Yihan Sun

CS 219 Advanced Algorithms

Yan Gu



CS 220 Synthesis of Digital Systems

Philip Brisk



CS 222 Natural Language Processing   Yue Dong  
CS 224 Foundations of Machine Learning


Greg Ver Steeg


CS 225 Spatial Computing

Amr Magdy



CS 226 Big-Data Management

Ahmed Eldawy



CS/EE 228 Deep Learning

Yinglun Zhu (ECE faculty)




CS 229 Machine Learning



Greg Ver Steeg

CS 234 Computational Methods for Biomolecular Data



Stefano Lonardi

CS 235 Data Mining Techniques

Mariam Salloum


Vagelis Papalexakis

CS 236 Database Management Systems

Vassilis Tsotras

Amr Magdy


CS 238 Algorithmic Techniques in Computational Biology



Tao Jiang

CS 240 Network Routing


Michalis Faloutsos


CS 242 Information Retrieval and Web Search


Vagelis Hristidis


CS 246 Advanced Verification Techniques in Software Engineering




CS 247 Principles of Distributed Computing

Mohsen Lesani



CS 250 Software Security



Heng Yin

CS 251/EE 255 Real-Time Embedded Systems


Hyoseung Kim (ECE faculty)


CS 253 Distributed Systems




CS 254 Network Security


Emiliano De Cristofaro


CS 255 Computer Security

Chengyu Song



CS 258/EE 227 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning     Nanpeng Yu (ECE)
CS 260 Seminar in Computer Science   Ioannis Karamouzas Emiliano De Cristofaro
CS/EE 277 Data-Centric Computer Architecture


Hung-Wei Tseng (ECE Faculty)


CS 287 Colloquium in Computer Science

Ahmed Eldawy

Ahmed Eldawy

Ahmed Eldawy

CS 302 Teaching Practicum

Mariam Salloum

Mariam Salloum

Mariam Salloum

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