Undergraduate Technical Electives

Below is a list of undergraduate technical electives currently applicable to your graduate degree. Please refer to the UCR General Catalog for course descriptions.

Note: Course offerings, available sections and professor assignments are subject to change without notice. Additional courses may be added, please check again later to see if there are any other courses you would like to take.
Course Course Title
CS 105     Data Analysis Methods
CS 120B/EE 120B Introduction to Embedded Systems    
CS 122A     Intermediate Embedded and Real-Time Systems
CS 122B Advanced Embedded and Real-Time Systems
CS 130 Computer Graphics
CS 131 Edge Computing
CS 133 Computational Geometry
CS 135     Virtual Reality
CS 142 Algorithm Engineering
CS 144 Algorithms For Bioinformatics
CS 145 Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms
CS 147 Graphics Processing Unit Computing and Programming
CS160 Concurrent Programming and Parallel Systems
CS 162 Computer Architecture
CS 164     Computer Networks
CS 165 Computer Security
CS 166 Database Management Systems
CS 167     Introduction to Big Data Management
CS/EE 168     Introduction to Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design
CS 169     Mobile Wireless Networks
CS 170 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 171 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
CS 172     Introduction to Information Retrieval
CS 173 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CS 175 Entrepreneurship in Computing
CS 177 Modeling and Simulation
CS 178B Project Sequence in CSE
CS 179 (A-Z) (4 units max) Project in Computer Science
CS 180 Introduction to Software Engineering
CS 181     Principles of Programming Languages
CS 182 Software Testing and Verification
CS 183 UNIX System Administration
CS 193 Design Project
MATH 120     Optimization
MATH 126     Combinatorics
MATH 135A Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MATH 135B Introduction to Numerical Analysis
PHIL 124 Formal Logic


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