Message From The Chair

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering!

Computers shape how we communicate, how we entertain, and how we
conduct science.  Their quantitative abilities and what those abilities
qualitatively enable change rapidly, making computer science an exciting
field.  We explore and invent new ways of designing, securing, analyzing,
and employing computers.  Our research spans the breadth and pushes the
boundaries of what computers can do.

We offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science with Business Applications, Data Science,and Robotics. These programs teach the current state-of-the-art and educate students on the principles so that our alumni can continue to innovate and expand what computers can do over careers lasting decades.

Our 45 faculty, our lecturers, and our staff take pride in being ranked 27th in the country, in our diverse students, and in our alumni's accomplishments. But, most of all, we take pride in our welcoming environment. Explore our research, join us as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, faculty, or staff, or just browse!

Christian Shelton Professor and Chair


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