Our department and faculty are interested in partnering with the community to make impact in the Inland Empire, California, and beyond. We welcome opportunities to engage, whether these include giving lectures or consulting on curriculum development with K-12 schools, providing technical expertise or consultation to local industry, government or the press, or other opportunities for collaboration and engagement.

If you would like to explore collaborations, or to engage the department and the faculty in activities related to Computer Science, we encourage you to contact our outreach coordinator, Professor Christian Shelton.

One of our successful ongoing outreach activities is the CS4all code camp which is described below.


UCR CS4All Code Camp

The CS Department runs a set of free code camps for Inland Empire high school students.  Each summer, we host local high school students in week-long summer camps that teach programming and introduce students to computer science, college, and careers in computing.

Throughout the week, students participate in talks and group projects, and are involved in fun, interactive labs. They discover that they can code, that a computer science career is a great option, and that many female and under-represented students succeed in these fields. Students improve their practical computer skills, become better problem-solvers, and discover that coders have the power to create websites, apps, and software for any field, including health, art, law, and education.  The camp culminates in a showcase highlighting the applications created by the students and the coding superpowers the students have developed during the week.


Beginning Week:

This week will be filled with great learning experiences, exposure to fields in computing, and fun! Students will not only learn computing science principles, but they will apply their knowledge by designing and building apps that they can test on Android devices. The camp offer students a chance to participate in lectures, labs, and group projects throughout the week, and the course will culminate in a showcase were friends and family are invited to see the different apps created. Participants will learn that coding is fun.  They will develop practical computer skills; become better problem-solvers by learning to think computationally; and gain confidence as they successfully get a computer to do what they tell it to do.

Intermediate Week:

The advanced CS4All code camp is aimed to be a fast paced introduction to programming using Python.  During camp, participants will be challenged with various program activities and will produce working programs. Participants will also have the chance to explore Python at work by examining different real world applications.  At the end of the camp, participants will be given a real world problem, will form a possible solution, and will write code to demonstrate the solution's outcome.