CSE team won best paper award in ASEE

CSE team S. Zhao, J. Allen, F. Vahid. won ASEE 2022 Best Paper Award -- Computers in Education division

S. Zhao, J. Allen, F. Vahid. Automated Zoom Chat Analysis Including Chat-Based Polls for an Online Introductory Programming Course. American Society of Engineering Educators Annual Conference, Minneapolois, MN June 2022.

Large online courses don't have to be dry. In 10 years teaching our online intro programming class, we've evolved to an engaging online lecture format via extensive use of zoom chat, where students ask/answer questions during lecture and respond to frequent informal polls. The described tools analyze chat messages to auto-award credit to students for active participation, and provide instructors with visualizations of poll frequency and response rates. Course evaluations are highly positive, with comments like "This is the most involved I've ever been in a class, in-person or online!".

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