CSE Professor Elaheh Sadredini has received the NSF CAREER award to support her research on new computing architecture

Elaheh's proposal is titled "Enabling Memory-Centric Computing from Internet of Things to Cloud"

The overarching goal of this project is to facilitate the paradigm shift from compute-centric systems to memory-centric systems and seamlessly and securely integrate them into today's modern systems. This transformation will enable efficient and secure computation, fostering advancements in data processing capabilities. To fully exploit the potential of memory-centric computing, this project takes a holistic approach by co-designing the entire computing stack to facilitate the adoption of near-data processing in modern architectures. It will also investigate the security and privacy challenges posed by memory-centric computing solutions and propose lightweight techniques to effectively address these challenges.  The developed frameworks and tools will be made publicly available to benefit the computer science community and to serve as the foundation for new course development and creating research opportunities for undergraduate and high school students.


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