Latest News for March 11th, 2024

CSE Professor Mingxun Wang combine Chemistry and Computer Science to discover new molecules produced by the human gut microbiome

Professor Mingxun Wang, in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team from UCSD, published a new paper in Nature titled "Reverse metabolomics for the discovery of chemical structures from humans". This highly interdisciplinary work combines innovations from combinatorial chemistry, mass spectrometry, and big data mining to explore new molecular space. This work sets the stage for future...

Professor Tao Jiang has been elected an ISCB Fellow

ISCB (the International Society for Computational Biology) is the leading professional society in the world for computational biology and bioinformatics. Its prestigious Fellows program was introduced in 2009 to honor members that have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics. The selection of new Fellows each year is limited...
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