February 24, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Bourns A125
Robotics has the capability to enhance human abilities in unparalleled ways. The integration of advanced sensors and precise actuators has established the foundation for robots to attain these capabilities, as evidenced by their presence in factories and, in limited cases, in home settings. Nevertheless, in unpredictable…
February 22, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Bourns A265
High-speed programmable switches allow network operators to run succinct, customized algorithms to process individual packets, providing us a prime opportunity to improve network performance and security. In my research, I adopt approximation techniques to design algorithms that fit the switches’ strict memory and computational…
February 17, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Bourns A125
Fundamental physical limitations have slowed down hardware scaling, thus ending the “free” scaling benefits of processing power and storage capacity. At the same time, data is growing at an unprecedented rate. This data juggernaut is highly disruptive. It morphs benign assumptions into critical bottlenecks, and forces radical…
February 13, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Abstract: Can we scale up biological circuit designs using CAD tools like we do for digital circuits? How would computer science education change if that were the case? Computational tools in research and education have immense potential to unlock new discoveries and provide a more engaging and inclusive learning experience. For…
February 08, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Bourns A265
In this talk, I will demonstrate the practical application and the cognitive perception of data visualization in communication through: (1) interactive systems I have built that explore the role of data visualizations in clinical communication and (2) rhetoric devices that are used to guide people's understanding of data…
February 06, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Bourns A265
ABSTRACT The availability of vast, easily accessible information has broadened our outlook on the world. Social networks helped us foster community interactions. Advances in machine learning have enabled tremendous progress in many complex tasks. At the same time, however, surveillance capitalism commodified personal information,…
February 03, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Abstract:  Online trust is becoming a central issue in modern society. Trusting fallacies can harm the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole, especially during crises like COVID-19. During crises, the inconclusive, conflicting, and time-sensitive information created by varied sources and disseminated on diverse…
October 11, 2022 @ 5:51 pm
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