Graduate Student Advising

Faculty Graduate Advisor (MS in CS and PhD in CS)

Prof. Marek Chrobak

Available by appointment

Graduate Student Services Supervisor (PhD in CS)

Vanda Yamaguchi

Office Hours: Available by appointment

Graduate Student Services Advisor (MS in CS)

Marlene Garcia
Office Hours: Available by appointment


Our mission is to provide effective student services through a collaborative relationship and guide graduate students in meeting their educational goals. We strive to impart and enhance necessary knowledge and skills to our CSE graduate students to assist them in making appropriate academic choices, utilize campus resources and achieve personal and professional development.

Graduate students may expect the following from graduate advising in Computer Science:

  • A positive and professional experience.
  • A personalized and interactive advising process.
  • Referrals to appropriate University resources and services.
  • Realistic and supportive feedback.

For information about graduate advising for the MS Computer Engineering program, please check the CEN website.

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