Graduate Internships

Internships are a great opportunity for graduate students to gain industry experience and/or perhaps secure a position upon graduation. CSE students generally begin applying for summer internships during the winter and spring quarters. The CSE department encourages students to seek internship opportunities and would like you to be informed of the following policies.


Internship Eligibility

  1. International students must be enrolled as full-time students for one academic year (e.g. fall, winter, and spring) to qualify for the summer internship.

  2. Students with a GSR appointment in the spring quarter should start the summer internship after the last day of the quarter. Students starting the internship before the end of the quarter, are responsible for paying the fees/tuition back (approximately $6,316.00) to the university. This policy is available at

  3. Students must be making acceptable progress while in the program before starting the internship. Students placed on academic probation in the spring quarter do not qualify for the summer internship.

  4. International students who are graduating in the spring quarter do not qualify for an internship and should apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT)


Internship Requirement

  1. International students must apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) before starting the internship. It’s highly recommended that you complete the CPT Workshop Presentation offered by the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) before you complete the CPT form. For more information on the CPT workshop and form, please go to

  2. International students also must enroll in 1 unit of CS 298I. Summer enrollment is done by completing the Internship Request Form 198-I, 298-I, 398-I form. Once this request form is approved, the Summer Session office enrolls students in the course. Summer enrollment begins in early April.

    • PhD students enroll under their faculty advisor
    • MS students enroll under the Graduate Advisor, Prof. Chrobak
    • Students without an advisor enroll under the Graduate Advisor, Prof. Chrobak
  1. The summer internship starting and ending dates.

    • First day of summer internship:  June 17, 2024 or later
    • Last day of summer internship: September 25, 2024 or before this date


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