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1.2 Million NSF award for Efficient Collaborative Perception


New 1.2 Million NSF grant “III: Medium: Efficient Collaborative Perception over Controllable Agent Networks” was awarded to a team of 3 CSE Professors: Vagelis Christidis (PI), Vassilis Tsotras, and Vagelis Papalexakis and 2 ECE Professors: Amit Roy-Chowdhury and Konstantinos Karydis.

The goal of this project is to create the knowledge to facilitate effective and efficient collaborative perception on top of a set of independent and multi-modal data generating agents. The project will study how to jointly model social and sensor data and use this modeling to efficiently support spatio-temporal queries on the joint embedding space. In addition to mapping information from multi-modal disparate sources to a common information space, this project will study how to optimize the attention routing of controllable agents like UAVs to maximize the reliability and coverage of the collected information.

The proposed research has many potential applications such as "a search engine tool for first responders". More details can be found at: