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Cyber@UCR moving on to national round of CPTC


The Cyber team at UCR competed in the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) and was announced as one of the wildcard winners moving on to the national competition, along with other top schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Ottawa, Stanford University.

CPTC is a penetration testing competition where students are "contracted" by a fake company in order to conduct a security audit. The audit involves testing an entire company's infrastructure while not bringing anything offline, or causing damage to critical components. The main aspect of this competition is not just the audit part, but also the reporting part. Students are required to submit a business report summarizing their findings and suggested mitigations to the company. Depending on how well the students did the audit as well as how professional their report was, determines whether or not they move onto the next round.

The team roster is as follows:

- Luis Garcia, CS, captain

- Jason Lin, CS, co captain

- Anthony Hallak, CSBA

- Elise Lin, CSBA

- Nathan Melwani, CS

- Jino Sirivatanarat, Neuroscience