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Team from CSE and collaborators receive Best Paper Award


The team from CSE, PhD student Mohammad Jahanian, Professors K. K. Ramakrishnan and Amr Magdy, along with their collaborators from Japan, Professors Toru Hasegawa, Yuki Koizumi (Osaka University), Masakatsu Nishigaki, Tetsushi Ohki (Shizuoka University) and Yoshinobu Kawabe (Aichi Institute of Technology), received the best paper award at the 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM). In their paper titled “DiReCT: Disaster Response Coordination with Trusted Volunteers”, they proposed a framework for coordination of disaster response by leveraging volunteers in a trustworthy fashion. DiReCT integrates social media with Information-Centric dissemination to help in disaster-related communications. They use NLP/ML techniques to analyze civilian generated Tweets during disasters, and steer verified aid requests towards the right first responders. They also use a reputation-based trust model to guide the authorization, management and evaluation of trustworthiness of content and users. The work was done with support from a joint US-NSF & NICT Japan JUNO-2 grant.