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UCR-spun company placed 2nd, advancing to World Cup Championship of Entrepreneurship


FarmSense, a company spun out of UCR by Dr. Keogh and Dr. Singh (a former Ph.D. Student of Dr. Krishnamurthy) won second place at the USA Cup Championship of Entrepreneurship. The prize was $10,000, and qualification for the World Cup Championship of Entrepreneurship, to be held later this year in Saudi Arabia.

The company deals with bugs, not the kind that we CS folk are used to, but the kind of bugs that damage crops. However, it is intrinsically a computer science company. Dr. Singh uses his sensor expertise to sense insects and transmit the data to the cloud, and Dr. Keogh uses his Artificial Intelligence skills to figure out what kinds of bugs they are. This information is then summarized and sent to the farmers, who can then plan the best intervention to control the insects.

In the last year the FarmSense company has won three NSF SBIR grants worth 1.2 million to commercialize the technology first developed in Keogh’s Lab beginning in 2012. UCR owns 2% of the company, so we are cheerleading the FarmSense team, Go FarmSense!